Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So we have been really busy the past week.  Dates with Gabe and hanging out with friends.  I am so thankful for the friends I have made here.  They make Alaska not so bad.  I have a few more crazy commercials to show you all.  The first one is for a furniture store called Color Time.  This commercial is crazy.  It's called Hog Wild.
It is crazy.  The next one is for the Hawk Shop.  It's a local tv show that reminds me of the magazine Tradewinds. Can't find one on YouTube.  I'll keep looking.

It's snowing here too.  I talked to my Mom and she said it was snowing there.  Y'all are getting so much snow this year.  It never snowed like that when I lived in the South.  When we move back I hope it stops snowing like this during the winter.  One snow a year would be nice and that is it.  It's actually pretty warm here. It is 19!!!  That's warm enough for us to go outside and go for a walk, if we could.  I would walk here but we have seen so many moose I am scared to walk on our road.  Plus our neighbor lets his dog run free and he is not a very nice dog.  Maybe we will go walk on post.  We will see. 

I'm waiting for my dishwasher to get here.  I've been without one for two weeks now and really don't know how I lived without one all my life.  Mom, you will get a dishwasher soon!!!!  You need to be rewarded for doing all those dishes by hand all these years.  I love you!

It's here so I have to go.  Have a good week!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This week has gone by too fast.  Gabe leaves soon and Grayson is growing up too fast.  Gabe is going to miss so much. so I have decided to do a photo journal for him.  Everyday he is gone I am going to take a picture that summarizes our day so he will know what we did that day.  I can and can't wait to get started.  The sooner he leaves the sooner he gets back.  Grayson and I are going to keep busy!

I went to orientation on post to put Grayson in daycare so I can start working.  Staying at home all day is driving me CRAZY!  We were supposed to start a sign language class but it was canceled due to lack of interest.  I think that means we were the only ones to sigh up.  I am very disappointed.   The only thing about working is I won't get to sing up for swim lessons and I really want Grayson to take those.  I guess I will have to take the lessons on Saturday.  For some reason I hate classes on Saturdays.  One good thing about Saturday classes is Gabe would get to go to some of them.  Decisions.  Seems like the older I get the more big decisions I have to make

Grayson is crawling now and I have learned my house is not baby proof.  I really have to clean the floors now.  I even had to pick up all my plants on the floors.  I have to keep my plants though.  I need the green during the winter, even though I have lost four of them since the winter began. 

We are getting more daylight!  Seven hours today!!  It's above zero and looks like snow.  Grayson and I are going to run errands this afternoon and it should be nice.  No real big coats and all the other cold weather gear we have to haul around with us. 

Trying to organize my pictures to start putting some of them up.  I am going to start walking again and taking pictures.  As long as it is above zero Buddy can go with me.  I am getting cabin fever because I haven't been outside in so long.    I don't think I will miss Alaska whenever we leave.

I have a baby crawling all over me so I need to play with him.  Hope y'all have a good week!