Friday, July 30, 2010

Midnight sun

The weekend before Grayson was born, Fairbanks celebrates the midnight sun!!  I was too big to participate in all the activities but did go to some of them.  They have a baseball game on the summer soltice day which we did not get to go.  Gabe ran in the 5K with some of our friends.  Alot of people dress up for the run and so did they.  They dressed up as the cast of Toy Story!!  Very funny. 

We also went to the street festival.  It was very different from most street festivals I have been to.  They had three streets blocked off and bands were playing on each street.  Some were really good and some were really bad!!  We had a good time because it got my mind off of the contractions and what was coming.  We went at 9:30 pm so all the pictures are after that.  This includes the run too.  It started at 10pm.  The sun never set these days.  It was pretty awesome.

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