Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The warm weather did not last. This week the HIGH is -5. That makes for good times during recess. It's also been snowing!! Not that you can tell when you look at the ground but it covers the Forester and me when I'm outside. Buster loves this weather. Buddy not so much. He runs outside does his business and runs right back in. I don't even want to go outside but I have to for work and to take Buster to the dog park. He has so much pent up energy if he doesn't go. Plus he looks sad.

I haven't seen a moose in about a week. I wonder where they go. We don't get to see many animals but we see their tracks. There are even BIRDS!!! Small birds. We can see them out of our front window, only for a second. I can't wait til it warms and we get to see more of them.

Hope y'all have a good week. I've got to study for my driver's license test and get ready for work.

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