Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Posts

The next month or so I probably won't get to post often since we will have a new addition to the family.  This will be the last one for a while.

It has been raining for a day and I realized how much I miss those summer afternoon thunderstorms.  I did see lightning a few days ago.  Gabe and I were wondering if they had thunderstorms up here and I guess the answer is YES!!  Lightning has even started some of the forest fires around here.  I've never lived somewhere that that was a problem.  It's kinda of scary.  Good thing its raining.

My garden is starting to take off.  I have a little bitty tomato on one plant and a tiny broccoli!  I'm so excited.  My jalapenos are growing super fast.  They have about six small ones on them.  The corn is not doing so well.  I don't think it gets hot enough here for them.  I could be wrong.

We haven't seen many moose lately.  I guess they are hiding with their babies.  Anyway, hope you all have a good weekend!! 

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