Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back in MS

I am missing the first snow of the year and I am kind of sad about it.  There will be snow on the ground when I get back to North Pole.  Don't really know if I am ready for winter to be here yet.  I know now that there will be no more warm weather in Alaska.  Soon below 0 degree temperatures are on their way!!!  I will say that it is beautiful there when everything is white.  I want to go ahead and start decorating for Christmas!!  I can't wait to go to Santa Clause's House and get Grayson's picture taken with him.

Anyway, I am back in Mississippi for a few weeks and am really loving this HOT weather!!  It's only in the upper 80s but in feels like its in the 100s to me.  I can tell it's been awhile since I have experienced this kind of weather and I LOVE IT!!!  Bring on the humidity!!  No more dry skin!  It's so cold in Alaska that Gabe had to go ahead and put plastic around the windows.  Apparently this is a common practice in places where it gets cold.  I had never heard of this until we moved to Alaska.  I've never lived anywhere that cold.  This means we are getting COLD and that means we are losing DAYLIGHT!!  When I left the sun didn't come up until almost 8 am and set around 7 pm.  This makes me very, very SAD :(  Oh well.  At least we will be in Mississippi during the days that only have 3-4 hours of daylight!!  That is a good thing. 

Grayson and I flew to Mississippi for a funeral and are enjoying the time with family.  Sad about why we are here but so excited my family got to meet Grayson while he is little.  We are going to TN this weekend to see Gabe's family and maybe Texas the week after that.  YEA!!!

I have things I have to do so I will write more later.  By the way, my green tomato salsa works even better when fresh jalapenos and cilantro are added to it.  It's also good on fish.  Hope you try it and like it.

Have a good week!!

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