Friday, December 11, 2009


Snow, snow everywhere!!! I’m like a kid in a candy store. I just want to play in it all the time, if it weren’t so cold and I had snow boots! I’ll post pictures later. Poor Buddy walks on the snow and sinks to his belly. He runs out and does his business and then is ready to go back inside. He is not a winter dog. We have to buy him shoes this weekend so he can walk on the snow. Buster loves the snow. When he goes outside, he just runs and runs and plays in the snow. I think we are going to make him a sled dog; that way he can pull Buddy!

Even the roads are covered in ice and snow. Salt on the roads doesn’t really matter when it gets so cold. It got up to 1 degrees F yesterday and it is not supposed to break 0 degrees F today or this weekend. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to go outside. It’s not very humid outside so it actually doesn’t feel that bad. Don’t get me wrong it’s still cold, but it could be worse.

I still haven’t driven yet. I’ve never driven in real ice and snow and I am scared to do it. What am I going to do if I slide in the ditch? I probably will. I’ve seen so many people slide and everyone drives so slowly. This weekend we are going to get new tires and Gabe is going to teach me how to drive. You would think knowing how to drive in mud would help me out so we’ll see.

One thing they have up here that shocked me is the smell. I thought that this is the wild and the air will be fresh and clean but that is not the case. The air is so cold and dense that all the fumes from cars and factories stays low and makes it hard to breath. I walked out of the airport and tried to take a deep breath but started coughing instead. When you get out of the city it gets a whole lot better. The air is fresh and clean. I could breathe very deep and not cough. Thank goodness we decided not to live in the city.

We got our car winterized yesterday and now we can plug it in at night and it still starts the next morning. Also, if you live somewhere cold a remote start is so worth it. We can stand by the window in our hotel room and start the car. It is so nice and warm when we get in. There is frost all over the car though.

We are going to explore the town of Fairbanks and North Pole this weekend so I’ll let you know how they are Sunday. Have a good weekend!

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