Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Snow, snow go away!!


I'm just a little tired of the snow.  It snowed twice today, once this morning and once tonight.  After it snowed this morning it melted.  That's nice but it was SNOWING while it was melting.  My dogs really don't like to be outside when it's snowing and I don't either.  I don't wear enough clothes.  It's April.  I shouldn't have to wear long underwear.  It's not normal. 

One good thing about the snow was it hid all the trash that is piled up on the side of the road.  Since it started to melt, I have see two wrecked cars that I never knew were on the side of the road because they were covered with snow.  The snow is pretty but I need to see GREEN!!!!! 

When Gabe gets back I think we will go fishing.  Just so I can pretend I am back in Mississippi fishing for catfish.  That should be fun.  I will be out of the house and outside.  That's what I miss the most about the South.  Being able to go outside and play most of the year without freezing my tail off.

Gabe has the camera in DC so I will try to take some pics with my phone.

Hope you have a good week!!

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