Thursday, April 29, 2010


Now that I have Gabe and my camera back, I will take pictures this weekend of the birds, bugs and everything else spring in Alaska.  It's been too hard for me to go outside because of the mosquitoes.  They are as BIG AS MAYFLIES with green eyes that just stare at you saying "Come to me!"  They are AWFUL.  We heard mosquitoes were bad when we moved up here but these are ridiculous.  We bought something called the mosquito magnet to help with the problem.  It's been hooked up since Monday night and it is awesome!!  The bugs it catches has to be in the hundreds.

I'll take pics.  I promise.  Hope you have had a good week!!

This is to Heather.  There are spiders in Alaska so I will save one for you when you get here!!


  1. The mosquitoes you're seeing now are slow movers. You can swat them. Wait till the little buggers come out. They are horrendous blood suckers!

    You will like your mosquito magnet once it starts doing something. Sometimes it takes an entire season for the effectiveness to be noticeable. Keep at it! We have one too, and it really does help a lot.

    I found your blog while doing a search for North Pole bloggers. I also live in North Pole. The Army brought us here in 2003, my DH retired in 2007, and we stayed. I've been blogging since May 2003, when we came down on orders to Ft Wainwright, when we were living in FL - so it was an adjustment for us too. But a GOOD adjustment.

    I saw a pair of robins today, and the buds are starting to show tiny bits of green. Once the leaves break free, they're going to appear just about overnight. It's my favorite time of the year. And of course summer is too.

    It's nice to 'make your acquaintance'. I hope you'll enjoy the summer, and try to get out of town and to other places in AK. We've traveled everywhere the road goes and places it doesn't. We stay on the go all summer long.

    Take care!


  2. Thanks for the info!! We are expecting our first child in June so until then we are staying close to home but after he is born we are touring the state.


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