Sunday, April 18, 2010

WARM weather is upon us!!!!

Yesterday the temp almost hit 60 degrees and I was outside with a short sleeve t-shirt on, at least while the sun was shinning!!  It was a beautiful day.  The sun came up before 6 am.  The sky had dark blue-gray clouds that looked like rain.  I was going to go outside and play in the rain.  It's been so long since I have seen rain!  Then the clouds left and the sun was shinning brightly. 

I went to the Fairbanks Outdoor Expo.  All it really had were fishing charters and ATVs for sale.  Really wish I could have bought an ATV.  We could use it all year round.  I did buy habenero pickled garlic.  I know it sounds crazy but it is crazy GOOD!!  Haha!!   There were candy apples and fudge too but I wanted savory.  I can't wait to cook with it when Gabe is home.

We have no more snow on our roof.  It has all melted.  YEA!!!!  Now if only the huge ice puddles left by the melting roof snow would melt.  I really think I might get stuck going to work.  The road we live on is dirt.  No gravel!!!  My little Subaru struggles to make it through one part of the road.  I'll try and take pictures tomorrow when I go to work.  I guess I need to drive Gabe's truck and use the 4WD but I like the Subaru better.  

Hope you all had a good weekend!!  I will try and take pictures and post them tomorrow!!

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