Monday, September 27, 2010

Back when it was warm!

I'm still playing catch-up for the month+ I never posted so here we go.  For our anniversary we took a champagne brunch cruise on a small paddle boat called the Tanana Chief.  We had a blast.  Grayson stayed with our good friend so Gabe and I could have an adult date.  I was excited for this date for months!!  The cruise was two hours and traveled down the Chena River here in Fairbanks.  The food was great.  It was about 85+ degrees and the company was wonderful :)

But now fall is gone and I am having a hard time remembering how warm summer really was.  Snow should be here Thursday and I feel like crying :(.  At least when we come to MS and TN for Christmas it will feel like a heat wave.  We had to book our flights early because last year the flights out of Alaska were sold out by October.   Looks like a lot of people do not want to be in Alaska for Christmas.  We had an ok time last year and spent with some good friends but nothing beats family!!

Enjoy this Monday.  It's a great one up here in North Pole!

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