Friday, September 24, 2010


I am so ready for the weekend!!  This is Gabe's first week back to work after being off for THREE WEEKS!!!!  Grayson and I have been spoiled having him around and Gabe's Mom for two weeks.  I finally decided to stop looking for a job and be a stay at home Mom for good.  I got offered a job and started looking at daycare and decided I just couldn't leave Grayson with strangers.  I really could use some family up here!  So I apologize early if my blog starts to take on a baby feel.  I will try not to let it.

Because our camera takes such high quality pictures I have to "dumb" them down before I can post any and its hard for me to sit in front of the computer for that long.  This weekend I can do it because, I have heard this and am very sad, that it might be SNOWING!!!!!  I'm not ready for snow yet, even though I got some cool new snow boots.  It's not even October!!  The first frost was here the first part of this month.  I think next year I am going to visit somewhere warm, make that HOT!!!  Maybe Texas.  Hmmm.  I guess I will have to see what the temp is like then.

This weekend I am going to attempt to make and can green tomato salsa with all my tomatoes that never ripened.  Tomatoes don't grow too well in Alaska unless you have a greenhouse.  Cucumbers and corn don't do so well either.  My squash, carrots, and zucchini did outstanding.  Promise I will post pics sometime soon.

I have to go to the grocery store and figure out how to keep Grayson warm sine it is 36 degrees outside!!!  I can still get away with not wearing a coat.  I may die if I go back South and it is over 90.  We have had a fire every night for the past week!!  Its been in the 20s at night!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!!

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