Monday, November 22, 2010

Ice Day??

Today was a great day.  About 9:15 this morning Gabe walks in and says "Aren't you going to ask me why I'm here?"

Me, "Why are you here?"

Gabe,  "Post is closed.  The roads have black ice on them and I am off work."

Me,  "Yeah!!!!" 

Fun family day!!  We tried to clean but hanging out together was more fun.  We worked on our Christmas card and did a little business on the computer and that was about it.  Gabe tried to walk Buster but it was too slick out there for either one of them to get any traction.  Post is closed tomorrow until 10 and then be reevaluated.  I hope it stays shut all day so I can have Gabe at home another day!!

Yesterday we dropped Grayson and Buddy off at our friend Aubree's house and took Buster and her dog for a hike.  I got a very good calf workout trying to walk in almost knee deep snow.  It was absolutely gorgeous there.  (I will post some of the pictures later.) 

I've noticed the snow right now is very white! It looks so clean and fresh.  Sometimes it blows me away that this is where I live.  The temperature today was 33.  Tomorrow its going to be 37!  Yes 37.  That's why we have black ice.  Don't worry; by next Monday the temp will be back below 0 and we will get more snow!!  Yeah!! (Sarcastic!) 

It's after 9 and I need to put a little boy to bed and then put myself there.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and weekend!!

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