Thursday, January 5, 2012

Laser Hair Removal

I bought laser hair removal for myself when I saw it on Groupon and I am happy I did.  I would really suggest if you are white (i.e. ghostly pale like me) and have really dark hair you NEED to get it.  I have only had one treatment and can already tell a difference.  My lower legs have half the hair they used to and my underarms are almost completely hairless.  I have five more treatments to go and I cannot wait to see if all my hair is gone by the end.  I bought them because I'm tired of shaving and since having a baby my hair has decided to turn darker except on my head.  It has decided to turn grey.  One day I am going to stop dyeing my hair so I can see how grey I really am.  My sister is older than me and I don't think she has one grey hair on her head.  Maybe I need to stop stressing and worrying about things.  Maybe that would help me from being completely grey before I'm 35.  Kind of sad and scary...

Anyway,  hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. I'm glad the laser hair removal worked so well for you. Continued success with it. :)

    I don't shave my legs much (once a month maybe). I have very fine, very light blonde hair on my legs and my husband doesn't mind because it's soft and not stubbly. I have the same fine hair under my arms, but it's a little darker in color. I wax my underarms and it lasts about a month so that works for me. I can certainly understand if you have dark hair though. My friend is of Mexican descent and has to have her entire leg waxed twice a month because her hair is so dark and fairly thick.

    Ahh... the joys of womanhood!

    As for the grey hair on your head, some women look nice letting their natural hair grow in, even if it's gray. If you don't want to continue using chemical dyes on your hair, have you thought about henna? It's

  2. Sorry for the cut off comment...

    Anyway... henna is much better for your hair!

    (On another note: I can't comment in your blog using Chrome. I have to come over to Internet Explorer to do it. The comment box won't work in Chrome at all. )

  3. I say dye it as long as you want to. Part of the fun of changing your look is dying your hair. The fact that it covers grey is a bonus.

  4. I'll have to check out henna. Chemical dyes don't work that well anymore. I really want to go red :)

    I'll check out the Chrome and see what's happening.

  5. Many people believe that this treatment is very painful, but it is not so. Waxing and electrolysis are far more painful.

    Laser Hair Removal has grown and got technologically very advanced but not all skin clinics are technically equipped to perform all types of treatments. As a customer you need to find out if a specific treatment can be performed at the skin clinic you are planning to choose.

  6. You're right Lyan, people think laser hair removal is very painful and also very expensive...
    But until you have it what everyone say are just words....

    I had two laser hair removal Toronto treatments and both were very effective. the price was acceptable considering that I chose one of the best clinics in town. All sessions were very relaxing and safe because I had an experienced doctor performing them.
    So don't listen to what others say, just choose the right place to have it.


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