Friday, January 15, 2010


This week has been cold. All week the temps have been below 0. I have not gone outside that often because I can't keep my face warm enough. I did take our big dog to the dog park and stayed outside for 30 minutes. It was -18!! We played with a tennis ball and I had a Chuck It so I wouldn't have to touch the ball. That didn't work because the ball had so much ice on it from dog slobber it would not fit in the Chuck It!! The ball was white.

The roads are so slick I am sliding all over the place. My wheels are making funny noises when I turn. The thermometer in my Forester won't register past -22!! That is cold. One day this week it was -40!! Everything is coated in a thick layer of ice. It is beautiful but harsh. One day I will post pictures. I have to brave the cold and go outside to take them!! Maybe this weekend, if it warms up.

Have a good weekend!!

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