Monday, March 22, 2010

Ice Carving!!


This place is incredible.  It is about 5 acres of ice sculptures and ice playgrounds and ice slides!  I’m amazed at how cold it really is up here when these sculptures can last outside for over a month!!  Yes over a month.  Just think about that.  It has been below freezing for that long and above freezing for only a few days this weekend.  Some of the sculptures had fallen because the sun was shining directly on them.

The carving started in February and lasts until the sculptures fall apart and melts.  The detail these artist put into their sculptures is amazing.   You could see the scales on the fish and the expressions on the people’s faces.  We walked around awe struck that people could take a few blocks of ice and turn them into art.  I mean GREAT ART!!    People in Fairbanks use ice sculptures for yard decorations instead of trees and shrubs.  It’s crazy up here.
I had on so many clothes that I actually was too warm.  They had an ice maze.  This ice maze was like the corn mazes we have in the South.  I had a hard time going through it because I kept sliding and there was nothing but blocks of ice to grab.  It took a long time to go through it because I had to walk so slowly.  Gabe got to go on the really long slides while I had to go on the kiddy slides.  Even they were fast.  It was hard to stop.  

Only here where it is so cold can you have something like this where ice can sit out for a month without melting.  CRAZY AND COLD!!!
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