Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ice Fishing!!

About a month ago, we had the chance to go ice fishing with Gabe’s Company. It wasn’t the true Alaskan ice fishing adventure I expected. We were told all we had to bring was bait and ourselves, so we did. The Army seems to always forget to tell you everything. When we got there, there were no poles for us to use and all the holes were taken. Regardless, we had a good time.

In order to get to the cabins where we were going to fish we had to drive to the middle of a frozen lake. Let me tell you, it was scary to see the huge cracks in the ice. I’m glad Gabe was driving because I would nothave done it. Our GPS had our little car on the screen driving in the lake. We thought it was funny so we took a picture.

When we got to the cabins, we were surprised how small they looked on the outside but how big they were on the inside. They were little wood cabins built on the ice with a small wood stove inside for warmth. The stove was set up off the ice to keep itfrom melting the ice. There were four holes drilled in the ice and four chairs beside them. The holes were about FIVE FEET DEEP!!!! Yes FIVE FEET DEEP!!!! This lake was solid. We were not going to break the ice by driving on it or buring wood in the stove.

One thing that kept me from having a great time was the fact Buddy was with us. Since he is so long and small I kept worring that if his back or front end slipped in the hole, he would go all the way down. I was so busy watching him I couldn’t even fish with the poles we borrowed. He stayed in the cabin with us because it was warmer. Buster just ran around outside on the lake. It was crazy watching him run knowing what was under the ice.

We didn’t catch any fish and no one else did except one person by 3:00 in the afternoon. The one fish that was caught was too small to keep and had to be thrown back. Next winter I think we will get reports on the lakes and see if any of the fish are moving and biting. They did that this time and the oxygen levels were low and none of the fish were moving.

We did have a good time hanging out with people in his Company and spending time outside. That was the fun part. Being in the middle of a frozen lake is something you might never get to experience in Mississippi. I remember the pond in my backyard freezing and playing on it, but that was about 20 years ago. I wonder if it will happen again?

We only took a few pictures because we are awful at remembering to take them. I’m trying to get better at taking pictures when we are out on adventures. Anyway it’s now my bedtime so I hope you all have a good weekend!

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  1. Oh jeez I'm sorry you had so many problems. Don't give up on it though, Ice Fishing is really rewarding. Maybe leave the pups at home next time? haha. Its almost that time of year again, and I just picked up a new set of equipment from Sportsman's Guide's ice fishing page for my little girl to come out with me for the first time. She's only 6 this year but she's been begging me to come since she was about 3 so I finally caved. I'm just hoping she doesn't get too cold and bored and decide she wants to go home after we spend two hours driving upstate!


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