Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring is coming!!!!!  The temperatures are above freezing, which feels WARM!!!  I can go outside with just a jacket and be comfortable.  It’s crazy how fast we have adjusted to the weather.  In Alaska, spring is called The Breakup.  The ice on the rivers and lakes are breaking up and disappearing.  The snow on our roof and in our yard is melting.  The only bad thing about it is the roads and driveways are now sheets of slippery ice.  Most main roads have been scraped clean but not the side roads where we live.  While walking the dog yesterday I slipped and fell before I could even try to stop myself.  (The little one and I are fineJ)  I had even bought new shoes so I wouldn’t fall.  Guess I need a new pair!

This weekend Gabe decided to clean our front yard.  Now that the snow is melting, you can see all the dog poop, ours and the neighbors, that has frozen and not disappeared.  To accomplish this, Gabe got out his old golf clubs and decided to practice his swing.  It was pretty funny.  When he would hit a pile of poop it would fly into the woods and make a thud sound if it hit a tree.  These piles were frozen solid!!  He had to stop after about 10 minutes because there was so much and the ground was so frozen it was hurting his wrist.  The shovel became his next weapon against the poop.  He would scoop up a pile and fling it into the woods.  It took him a while to clean the yard.  We even had to scoop up the YELLOW snow!!  Now our yard is clean.  YAY!!!

I’ll try to take pictures of the breakup for you!  Hope you have a good week!!

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