Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break

This week is my Spring Break and I am taking it easy. I’ve been shopping and cleaning up around the house because I really can’t go play outside. The temperature is back below 0!!!! I really want warm weather. I’m sorry I ever complained about the 100+degree days in Texas. I just can’t wait until the snow melts and I can stop wearing two layers of clothes. I always thought I would enjoy cold weather better than hot but now I know I don’t. Bring on the HOT weather!!

This week I have been buying patterns and trying to get my sewing equipment ready. I am going to attempt to make all the stuff we need for the nursery. Since I can’t play outside I decided to make myself useful. Gabe said he would help me and the funny thing is he has probably sewn more than I have!! He is Mr. Martha Stewart!! I am lucky to have him. I have to pick out material and we have to decide on a name. Picking out your child’s name has to be the hardest part of getting ready to meet your baby. At least we have the first and last name picked out for us. We just need the middle name, which is what he will go by. We have time to decide but it’s starting to fly by and we need to decide soon. Oh well.

I’m getting on a cooking kick and starting to make more than we can eat and freeze the rest. This was I can be lazy and not cook on the nights I am tired. I can’t wait for Gabe to start hunting and fishing so we can start eating like Alaskans. We have had moose meet but that is the only local game we’ve had. Hopefully we will get some salmon!! I think we need to learn how to smoke our own. That would be fun.

When we get done remodeling the downstairs of our house I will have more Alaskan adventures to talk about. Right now that consumes most of our time. However, this weekend we are going to the ice sculptor championships. It might even be above freezing so I hope they keep the sculptures cold!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. For all my Mississippi friends enjoy your spring break and think of me in the cold frozen North Pole!!

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