Monday, May 3, 2010

Things that remind me of Mississippi

The past few days it has been raining on and off.  No thunderstorms like home but the kind of rain that makes you lazy and sleepy.  It has been nice.  After living in Texas for two years and up here since December, I forgot how much I really missed the rain.  Although I am tired of driving on our road and trying not to get stuck!!  The road is dirt and full of holes!!  Which reminds me of the back roads in Mississippi.

One more thing, remember those funny commercials for the furniture store in Starkville on the road by the old Wal-Mart.  I can't remember the name of the store but I remember the commercials.  Here is one for a furniture store in Fairbanks.  Watch it from beginning to end.  It is hilarious!!  Nice to know I still live in a small town where people can have fun.

Hope all of you in Tennessee are staying dry!!  Have a good week.

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