Friday, January 21, 2011

-45 Really!!

Two days in a row and the third day this week we are stuck inside.  It's just too cold to get Grayson out in this weather.  Yesterday it was -45 on the thermometer outside my kitchen window.  I don't know how people could live here for all their life.  I'm gonna barely make three years.  This winter is so much colder than last year.  I don't remember it being this cold.  I have gotten a little used to it because I haven't worn long underwear yet.  Maybe that's because I don't go outside that much.  when I go get firewood I wear my snow bids and two jackets.  I also wear two face masks, so only my eyes are exposed.  It's still COLD!!!  By Sunday it's supposed to be above ZERO!  I can't wait.

I haven't been to the grocery store in a week.  I'm running low on food.  I just don't want to take Grayson out in this cold.  Maybe Sunday.  Hopefully I can get someone to watch Grayson tomorrow and go do my errands.  We will see. 

I registered Grayson on post for daycare and I signed us up for sing language classes.  I'm thinking about subbing a few days a week to stay busy while Gabe is gone.  Plus, I think Grayson could use the socialization.  He still won't take a bottle so we are working on a real cup and a sippy cup.  He is doing ok with those, it just takes him a while to drink it and it is messy!  He really loves solids.  I'm so happy.  It gives me a break and someone else can feed him while I eat a warm meal.  I forgot how much better food is when it is warm.  The simple things you miss when you have a baby.   I wouldn't trade it for anything though.  We really have been blessed with Grayson.  He is incredable.  I'm looking at him empty his basket of toys.  He ignores them and unties the bow that holds the liner in the basket and then sucks on the string.  That's why we haven't bought a lot of toys for him.  He really wants what we have.  He really likes his books though.  His Aunt Cuckoo and Uncle Andrew got him indestuctible books that are awesome.  He can't tear the pages or ruin them with his slobber and you can put them in the washer.  At least we did after he dropped one on the floor of the airport.  Click here if you want to see what they look like.  Great gifts for Moms!

Buddy and I are getting back on the treadmill.  Buddy gets off after 10 minutes or so and then is ready for his treat.  I really need to get him to walk longer.  Haven't figured out how to do it though.  Buddy is a little stubborn.  I can't wait til it warms up and i can go for walks with him outside!  I think we both are getting cabin fever. 

That's one thing we don't like about Alaska.  We are outdoorsy people, just not cold outdoorsy people.  If we could take Grayson and Buddy outside during the winter we would love living here.  It's just too cold for our family.  I hate wishing time away but I can't wait until we move to Arizona!  Warm weather and the Grand Canyon!  Camping by a lake where you can actually swim in it!  No grizzlies or moose!  Grayson can go camping!  Until then we will try and find things we can do here that we enjoy.

Here are some pictures of the last hike we took with Buster.  What's strange is I didn't take any pictures of him.  Very unusual.  Got some good ones of Buddy.

Have a good week.

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