Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I think the days of snow are over, at least I hope!!  Today is a gorgeous day!!  The sun is shining and there is only a slight breeze.  The mosquitoes will probably be bad but it's OK.  For some reason these mosquitoes don't leave the big whelps on you when they bite you like the ones do down south.  Yesterday we took the dogs hiking at 8 pm and the mosquitoes were out in full force.  I only got to walk about 20 minutes before I had to get in the Subaru and hide from them.  They were swarming me.  Mosquitoes have always like me better than Gabe, and now that I'm pregnant it's 10 times worse!!!  We hiked by the river thinking they wouldn't be there because it is a fast moving river and mosquitoes don't lay their eggs in rivers but we were wrong.  Another good thing about these mosquitoes is they don't carry heart-worms so our dogs don't have to be on any of those medications!!  Which is good because Buster acted like you were killing him when you tried to put that stuff on his neck.

I really don't know if it gets dark at all at night now.  I know at 11:30 pm it looks like dust and at 3:30 am I can see outside.  I looked it up and here are the statistics for today: 
Sunrise at4:38 AM

Sunset at10:59 PM

Duration of day: 18 hours, 21 minutes (7 minutes, 1 second longer than yesterday
It soon will be no sunset.

Hope you all are having a good week!!

I can't get any pics to load right now.  I will try later!!

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  1. The mosquitoes are voracious! Some of us suffer more than others. They really like me and my husband.

    I bought some natural insect repellent online (don't have the name handy) and it works pretty well. It smells a lot like citronella, but I'd rather put that on me, than the poison DEET. But sometimes (alas) DEET is the only thing that will work against these monsters.

    We also bought head nets last summer (very inexpensive at Walmart, etc) and USED them. I had to wear long sleeves and cover my head to avoid being eaten alive.

    I hope this year isn't too bad. :(



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