Monday, May 24, 2010


It is absolutely gorgeous here.  The past week or so the temp has been in the 70s!!  I guess because I’m preggo it’s felt a lot hotter than that.  I’ve been wearing dresses, flip flops and rolling my jeans up so they are capris.  I’m really liking living here right now.  The days of winter seem so far away.  I can’t believe it snowed May 5th.   Seems so far ago!!
Gabe and I have been hiking by the river on post.  The dogs and we love it.  We have to be careful with the dogs running free because it is calving season for the moose.  I don’t want buster to get in a fight with a moose.  I’m scared he would lose.  He’s chased a couple already, but luckily they weren’t cows with calves.
One funny thing, I got POOPED on by a bird last week!!!  This has never happened before.  I think it was a seagull.  Apparently they migrate here because it is warmer than the coast.  It’s weird to see all these seagulls flying around.  There are a lot of birds up here.  More than I’ve seen in a while.  Maybe I just never looked this hard In Mississippi or the other places we have lived. 
I’m going to try a post some pics.  We got a new camera and have taken a lot.  I just have to dumb down the quality so they will upload.  I’ll try.
Have a good week!!

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